Friday, May 18, 2007

out of my system

i had one on the hard drive plus a new one tonight, based of some ref a friend emailed me. not that it helped me make the image any betterer, but i thought he might like it.



Phineas said...

I instantly learnt a few things after seeing the 'framed' image. Shadow on the canvas and the use of depth.

I appreciate it.

You inspired me.

dpt said...

i freaking love it

spleenal said...

As ever much foxyness for your good self. oo and I found my self tantalized by the one in the frame with the little bits coming out of the frame. sort of 2and a half D or something.
Tantalized because I immediately Had a vision of something more. Your stuff on a bill board spilling down on to the streets.
Or in a stuffy art gallery, again, coming out and infecting the grand masters naxt to it.
You get the idea.
Obviously I'm not saying DO IT! You're the boss. I just do the jokes.

LuisNCT said...

I have taking a look to your blog and your work is great! I really like the B&W pieces, the color ones... all

Andy Murray said...

Very sensual! I love the decorative shapes around the figures as well. goooood stuff.