Sunday, May 20, 2007

we have lift-off

here's the finished piece. (well, finished minus a couple of tweaks i'll try to catch later)



Piotr said...

ooh now i see, it would be neat to see a progression post or "how to" in you style, very nice!!

C.Deboda said...

I agree, a tutorial or something would be awesome! So is this like your rendition of the powerpuff girls or something?

Clarke Table said...

nice work!!!

David Colman said...

got the book today dude...thanx a bunch c u in SD..

love those negative black pieces!!! on my desktop now..

Bags said...

Dude thanks for drop'n a line, very much appreciated! Your work is great! I'm awaiting a copy of your book in the mail. I'll be keeping up with your imagery.

thanks again! :)

Meetch said...

Right on!


Cereal Killer said...

dude, i have been checking your work and it is really really cool
I specially like those black and white chick series....wooow..
I cannot stop watching the details, so fucking amazing!!!
I´ve added you to my friend list, hope you do not mind.
Regards from Sevilla!

( =_=)/

Joseph David said...

Yo!!! this is awesome!!! Illustrator?