Tuesday, March 27, 2007

wind versus stereo

i plugged myself into headphones tonight and plugged headphones into some symphonic music. the mood that it creates, for creating, is unmatched.

were i born hundred of years ago, surely i would have lost my head for defying a king or knocked up the stable girl and got a job cutting down crops or freezing my pink ass to blue in an unheated cave somewhere on another continent - instead of listening to this beautiful music and changing the colors of a few thousand pixels.

the winds outside are building very strong. all i have to do is slide the volume up 3 pixels - no 2. thank G-d for the MP3 and Tchaikovsky. And even though ya didn't ask - all the pop artists you can name right now don't got sh_t on him. although, the GoGos can't booty dance to Tchai - and we can't have that - so thank g_d for $.50 too.


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Unknown said...

hey bro, thanks for the comment on my blog. your stuff is way sweet man. very unique personality to the artwork. your network of rockstar artists put out dope work too!!!