Thursday, April 27, 2006

tea minus ten seconds - andrew

today i drank tea after i came home from work.

somehow, my roommate and i were tricked into believing that tea was good for you, that it could lead to a more healthy and longer life, and that it was a refreshing beverage capable of uplifting the spirit.

i found none of these things to be true, except that i am still alive - and so perhaps it does promote a longer life. however, the world will never know wether or not i would have perished had i not sipped down the steaming hot cup of tazo green tea.

it was the first time that either of us had made tea although we have both somehow inadvertantly had it several times throughout the course of our long lives.

for one, i drink sobe green tea somewhat often.

i have also had a few cups while visiting london.

i drank sweetend lipton iced tea on a regular basis years ago.

i have ordered and been disappointed by iced tea at various denny's restaraunts and diners at random times in my life.

none of those teas were quite like this one.

today was on purpose, self motivated, and very interesting.

"it tastes like nickel." my roommate said. he poured half of his cup down the drain.

i poured a quarter of a bottle of honey in mine and drank it down like caster oil.

i definately tasted the afformentioned nickel - oddly bitter with a hint of a taste that could be called nothing less than magnetic. altogether very earthy.

i could see myself naked in a cave somewhere throwing mounds of dirt and earthworms into a pot of cold water, stirring with a stick, and drinking down the world's first cup of what would oneday be called "tea".

tea isn't for me, but i will keep at it. if this stuff is truly good for you - it's a small price to pay.

my roommate thinks he's having an allergic reaction.

"misty bag"


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English Breakfast

1/2 cup of whole miLk