Sunday, March 19, 2006

let sleeping dogs dream - andrew

this morning at some ungoldly hour probably in the threes or fours my room mate and some of my friends staggered into the house and turned on music and conversed in the living room. i fought with sleep for a while and tried to remind myself that they were trying to be considerate; it was just all the extra chemicals they had floating around in their brains that were distrubing my sleep.

it worked well enough for me not to get up and say anything rude. three nights out of seven isn't that bad.. at least they weren't disturbing my sleep after two six days a week. it could be worse, i could be one of them in ten years getting a liver transplant or relearning how to read english at a fourth grade level.

in truth, i wasn't that bothered but it's an easy target.

...until one of them starts to "sneak" into my room. he looked like a big black fucked up version of santa clause with dreadlocks and street clothes. he was smiling like he had just pulled of some majestic feat of prestidigitation. i was half naked, sitting up in bed, nodding my head like a father who has just watched his son find out how to tell his first lie.

it was a stalemate - he was frozen in my room looking at me with this sh_tty smile and i was nodding my head back and forth over and over and over again. eventually he asked me to come out and share in their adventure and i decilned as politely as i could.

i could hear my room mate quietly reprimanding him and asking him to come back to the den.

some ninety minutes later i was back to sleep having the worste dreams i have had in half a decade - the kind that make you sweat and burn calories running in your sleep. i wish they would have come in and woke me up then.

this is "eclipso":


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